Fun Games and Activities to Play with Your Rental Water Slide

Planning a summer party or event with a rental water slide can be a thrilling experience for both kids and adults alike. Apart from the sheer joy of sliding down into cool, refreshing water, there are plenty of ways to amplify the fun factor with engaging games and activities. Whether you’re hosting a birthday bash, a neighborhood gathering, or a corporate event, here are some exciting games and activities that can turn your rental water slide into the centerpiece of endless entertainment.

Slide Races

Turn your
rental water slides into a racing track! Organize friendly competitions where participants race down the slide to see who reaches the pool at the bottom first. You can divide participants into age groups to ensure fair play and safety. Consider awarding small prizes or medals to the winners to add an extra incentive and competitive edge.


Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure hunt around the water slide area by hiding small waterproof toys, coins, or even themed treasures for participants to find. Provide clues or a treasure map to guide them around the slide, encouraging exploration and excitement. This game can be adapted for different age groups by adjusting the difficulty level of clues and hiding spots.

Water Balloon Dodgeball

Combine the thrill of dodgeball with the refreshing splash of water balloons! Divide players into two teams and designate a safe zone around the water slide. Players must try to hit their opponents with water balloons while avoiding getting hit themselves. If a player is hit, they must leave the game until the next round. This game encourages teamwork, agility, and strategic thinking.

Slip and Slide Baseball

Transform your rental water slide into a makeshift baseball diamond! Set up bases and assign roles such as pitcher, batter, and fielder. The batter slides down the water slide and tries to run around the bases before the fielders can retrieve the ball and throw it back to the pitcher. Adjust the rules to fit the space and number of participants for an enjoyable and active game of slip-and-slide baseball.

Splash Landing Contest

Challenge participants to perform the most creative and daring splashes into the pool at the bottom of the water slide. Judges or spectators can rate each splash based on factors like style, height, and creativity. This activity not only adds an element of friendly competition but also encourages participants to experiment with different techniques and enjoy the thrill of making a big splash.

Water Tag

A classic game of tag gets an aquatic twist with water tag! Designate one player as “It” who must chase and tag other players by spraying them with a water gun or using a water hose. Once tagged, players must also become “It” and join in the fun of chasing others. This game promotes active play and keeps everyone cool and refreshed on a hot day.

Obstacle Course Challenge

Create an exciting obstacle course around the water slide area using cones, inflatable obstacles, and other props. Participants must navigate through the course while incorporating sliding down the water slide as part of the challenge. Time each participant or team to see who can complete the course in the fastest time. Adjust the difficulty and layout of the obstacles to cater to different age groups and skill levels.

Water Slide Limbo

Put a watery twist on the classic limbo game by sliding down the water slide while attempting to limbo under a water hose or pool noodle held at progressively lower heights. Participants take turns sliding and limboing under the obstacle without falling or touching it. Increase the challenge by adjusting the height after each successful round or introducing music for added excitement.

Water Basketball

Set up a portable basketball hoop near the pool at the base of the water slide and challenge participants to shoot hoops from the slide into the basket. Players can take turns sliding down and attempting their best shots while others retrieve the ball and pass it back up to the top of the slide. This game combines the thrill of sliding with the skill and coordination required for basketball.

Sponge Relay Race

Divide participants into teams and set up a relay race where each team must transport a soaked sponge down the water slide and squeeze out the water into a bucket at the bottom. The first team to fill their bucket to a designated line or capacity wins the race. This game encourages teamwork, coordination, and quick thinking as teams strategize the best way to transport water down the slide.

Water Slide Dance Off

Turn your rental water slide into a dance floor by playing energetic music and encouraging participants to dance while sliding down into the pool. Challenge individuals or teams to showcase their best dance moves as they slide down, with judges or spectators rating each performance. This activity promotes creativity, confidence, and laughter as participants combine sliding with dancing.

Water Slide Twister

Adapt the popular game of Twister for the water slide by creating a large, colorful Twister mat near the base of the slide. Players take turns spinning the Twister spinner and sliding down the water slide to reach and touch the corresponding color on the mat. The challenge increases as the mat becomes wet and slippery, requiring participants to balance and stretch to reach their target colors.

Water Slide Bowling

Set up a set of inflatable bowling pins at the base of the water slide and challenge participants to slide down and knock down as many pins as possible with their body or a soft ball. Players can take turns attempting to achieve a strike or spare while others reset the pins and retrieve the ball for the next turn. This game combines the thrill of sliding with the skill and precision required for bowling.

Water Slide Relay

Organize a relay race where teams must slide down the water slide, swim to a designated point, and then tag the next teammate to continue the race. Designate different roles such as slider, swimmer, and runner to ensure each participant gets involved. Time each team to see who can complete the relay race in the fastest time, encouraging friendly competition and teamwork.

Water Slide Tug of War

Transform the traditional game of tug of war into a water-filled challenge by setting up a tug-of-war rope across the pool at the base of the water slide. Divide participants into two teams and challenge them to pull the rope while standing on the water slide platform. The team that successfully pulls the opposing team into the water wins the round. This game promotes teamwork, strength, and determination as participants work together to achieve victory.

Incorporating fun games and activities into your rental water slide event can elevate the excitement and enjoyment of everyone involved. Whether you’re organizing a children’s birthday party, a family reunion, or a community gathering, these interactive games and challenges will keep participants entertained and create lasting memories. From slide races and water balloon dodgeball to creative contests and relay races, there’s no shortage of ways to make the most of your rental water slide and ensure a splashing good time for all.

Remember to prioritize safety by setting clear rules, supervising participants, and ensuring the equipment and playing area are in good condition. With these tips and ideas, you’re well on your way to hosting a memorable and fun-filled event centered around your rental water slide.


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